19 Crows

19 Crows – The official plague wine of TGU

Here’s a new mead. It’s called 19 crows. It’s productive, I think, to make wine about stuff. Lately, I’ve had a lot of free time for working on wine, and there’s been this big ol’ thing to make wine about, so I did. The week this all started escalating, I dug through my box of herbs and grabbed a bunch of stuff that pops up in folk medicine and a couple other things for balance. You can see on the label (maybe, my drawings aren’t so great) that there’s habanero, rose hip, ginger, horehound, and elderberry, and there are a few others, ten altogether. I’m kind of shocked how well it’s turned out. There are what should be too many flavors in there for any of them to express themselves, but I think everything works very well together. I’m also very pleased with the sweetness – normally this would be too much sugar for me to enjoy, but the herbs cut it very well and man, it’s just a really tasty, exciting, balanced mead!