More Music, More Wine

So we’ve got more Quarantunes music; our second installment is Laramie’s own Ryan Archibald! I really like Ryan’s music, and this recording sounds great.
It’s also bottling day, because any day can be bottling day now! I’m getting the latest Bochet in bottles so it’ll be available tomorrow. This is batch 2020-0007, for those of you keeping track. All bochets are different from one another. This is a good one, it’s a little sweeter than some previous bochets and the caramel profile is entirely caramel with no hint of those darker toastier burnt sort of flavors. It’s fairly fruity, I’d say less so than some previous batches, and still has quite a bit of the avocado honey character left, which is a new thing to me. Anyway, if you wanna try it out, you know what to do! (Pop over to the online store and order some!)