Today I bottled Aeneas.  It’s a strong beet mead with some spices.  What do you call a beet mead, I wonder?  Anyway, it’s got cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, marsh rosemary, heather, and white pepper.  It’s really nice and spicy.  The label art is by Zach Bath.  It’s not totally finished yet, but it will be soon!

Did you hear the story about Aeneas?  It’s called The Aeneid and you should check it out if you’ve never read it.  This wine is dedicated to the memory of Hero Depot and to the nabes over at 8 Bytes, which is the reincarnation, sort of, of Hero Depot.  That place is/was just really awesome – sort of a nexus for the local music scene.  When Hero Depot closed up, it was a pretty sad thing because they were hosting all kinds of great shows and lots of other fun events.  Now 8 Bytes is doing pretty much the same thing – putting on great events and bringing the community together.  Do you see the connection to the legendary figure of Aeneas?